Syoss Color Refresher (for cool blonds)

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I even bought this when I already knew that this brand just doesn’t agree with my hair and scalp. I’ve tried a couple of their products in the past and have always ended up with scalp irritations and limp, greasy hair. Anyhow, I picked Syoss Color refresher (for cool blonds) up in vain hope of trying to remove brassiness from my dyed blond hair.


Unfortunately, the official page is in German (and German only!). On the box it says that it should be applied to wet hair in the shower and left on for 3 minutes. It has a non-dripping mousse formula which is supposed to make hair shinier and refresh the colour. So basically it’s a DIY touch-up between salon visits. Does it do what it should?

I’m afraid there is no change in hair colour, nor did it neutralize the brassy tones

my hair was soft and manageable, but also very greasy the next day…

quite cheap (around 4€ / 4$ / 3£)

+ on the other hand, it did make my hair shinier and is really easy to use

I threw it away after 2 or 3 applications as I found no real use for a color refresher that doesn’t refresh the color at all :D. There is enough product for up to 6 applications depending on hair thickness and length, though.

Would I repurchase? Not really.

Overall: 2/5

Do you have any recommendations for a decent color refresher?

Tomorrow: Lancôme La Base Pro Primer




Keune Blonde Enhancing Treatment

Remember my Ron Weasley hair obsession? If not, check it out here! Well, seems that my search for a hair product that eliminates those ugly brassy tones is finally over! Keune’s new  Blonde Enhancing Treatment does it all:

keune blonde

– conditiones

adds shine

makes hair more manageable

         – gives significant volume to fine hair

UV protection

         – and finally – actually helps keeping those nasty yellow  undertones at bay!!!

What Keune says:

”Conditions, moisturizes and strenghtens high-lighted and lighter colored hair. Violet pigments eliminate unwanted yellow tones.”

I second this.

This is worth every penny, I can’t seem to find a single downside to it. The fact that it replaces a volume product is an added bonus! Highly recommended! Official info HERE.

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah.

What do you say, blondes? Have you tried this? Any tips/products for fixing brassiness?