L’oreal French Manicure Kit – a very happy review!

One of the greatest French manicure kits out there! If you’re after DIY simple and chic french manicure, this is for you. And all this for just 8 quid! 🙂 It lasts for a week with a good top coat  ( Sally Hansen’s top coat used here).





Liner French Precision & Pastel Top Coat

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible to balance the festive kitsch out…if desired, some nail art can always be done on this very basic style to glam it up a bit!

Would I repurchase? I always do. 🙂

Happy holidays!!!

Bourjois 10 days nail enamel Swatch

As you can see below my smartphone has a not-so-smart camera. I promise to get a decent one soon as this photos are of a truly annoying quality! Well, the pics might not be so bright but my nails definitely are, thanks to this Bourjois Paris cutie, 10 days nail enamel in 15. It’s advertised especially for its angled brush which is a bit of a pain-in-you-know-what at first but once you get a hang of it becomes really useful.  The idea is that the slanted brush helps with touch-ups after, I’d imagine,  a couple of days as I really don’t see it lasting for 10 days as advertised. Not that I could keep any nail polish on for 10 days straight, no matter how cute it was! 😀

Angled brush
without flash
without flash (the culprit for my nails looking so greasy is Eight Hour Cream)
without flash – it actually looks much brighter!!!

with flash – this is what it actually looks like!

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Bourjois, but this nail polish is more than decent – no chipping and great coverage in only one coat!

Stay tuned, love,  snm

OPI A grape fit: Swatch

Favourite colour?  Purple.  Favourite nail varnish? OPI.

Combine the two together and this is what we get:

opi a grape fit
opi a grape fit

* 2 coats + top coat

Got it for around 10 € at Berlin airport. When it comes to nail polishes OPI is a true pro, lasts for ages.

TIP: to prolong any nail varnish clean your nails with an alcohol swab before painting them. It will remove any traces of grease that prevents nail polish from sticking properly to your nails. Alcohol might dry your nails out though, so skip this step if your nails are brittle or prone to chipping and cracking.

xxx, your snm

Chanel Le Vernis 535 MAY swatch

Got this as a birthday gift and I absolutely adore it! Proper girlie Barbie pink that lasts for 5 days with a good top coat.

I apologize for the photos – it was my first time trying to take close ups of my nails and I’m obviously no professional 😉

Chanel Le Vernis May 535 swatch

Chanel Le Vernis May 535 swatch

I have two coats + Sally Hansen top coat on. 🙂

ENJOY, xxx