Being faithful,check! Staying faithful till death do us part?

Monogamy Wine
Image by lgsinden via Flickr

There is this coffee bar I really like. It feels like being in Paris without actually leaving the city… Priceless. Anyhow, I had two cups of coffee with two different girls at that place this week. Only two things were similar – I was sitting at the exact same spot and the topic of both conversations was faithfulness. Apart from that, these women couldn’t be more different – one is married for the second time with two children, prone to analyzing every single detail of her life and thus a bit depressed at times, while the other is single,  intuitive and pretty optimistic.  And somehow we ended up talking about faithfulness as this two seemingly unrelated women had the same thing on their minds… I just went along as I normally always  do when it comes to talking about sex-related stuff.

It seems some women have a problem with staying faithful while others have a problem with men they want for themselves staying  faithful to their partners…  True, monogamy dates back to the times when people married at 14 and died at 35,  if they were lucky. Not exactly a gold marriage anniversary in sight. What the heck, not even a silver one!

So, what’s with all the cheating and the games people play? Is it truly only about sex? I seriously doubt it, even men are not that simple ;D.   Although the word I used here the most seems to be number 2, how come so many people are not satisfied with the two they’ve got? Do they get bored or did they choose the wrong partner in the first place?  Do they need that addictive  hormonal rush people get from a new crush? I get that from every new Lancôme or Dior jar, so I can understand that. I could never commit to one face cream. Luckily I’ll never have to marry one either or I’d be one seriously promiscuous bitch.

What do you think, does the grass really look greener on the other side? Human nature or media nurture?