New Makeup Looks

As I’m learning at my makeup artist school, looks are all that matters.  😀

So, these are  Clarins, Chanel, Dior and Lancôme  autumn 2012 looks:


Chanel Look is my No.1 this season…

What’s your favourite?

Clarins Eye pencil (waterproof vs regular)

After a hard day of using my brain at work for no less then 10 hours I need my sedative to keep me balanced. Yes, you guessed, my diazepam is actually makeup. Sometimes a damn expensive one I must admit! 😉

I have green eyes and love brown eye pencils,  especially when I’m in a rush! My fav so far are Clarins, as they are of decent quality but rather affordable. I couldn’t decide between regular or waterproof version so I got them both.

Although their number is the same – 02, the waterproof version is as the name says – more bronze than proper brown. When compared, waterproof version does stay on longer and smudges less as expected, but when it comes to colour I prefer the regular version.  Some pros and cons:

CLARINS EYE PENCIL 02 BROWN                                                                                


  • nice true brown colour (esp for green eyes)
  • good staying power (12 hours or so)
  • glides on easily
  • felt tip for smudging
  • price 😉


  • smudges – especially in hot weather!
  • can break if not stored in refrigerator before sharpening



  • great staying power
  • price
  • doesn’t smudge
  • felt tip for smudging


  • doesn’t glide on easily – feels sort of rough on the lids!
  • can break if not stored in refrigerator before sharpening
  • bronze colour which might not suit everyone

Would I repurchase? Perhaps, especially if they make a hybrid of the two – the colour of the regular one with staying power of the waterproof version!