Sexy Sundays

Yes, I’m back after a looooong time! I apologize for being such a lazy blogger and promise to post more often…my bathroom shelves are getting fuller by the minute so there are a lot of goodies to be reviewed!

As for the sex(y) part I’m getting married next summer, with a rather small ceremony and quite a grand honeymoon…here is a suite that caught my eye…


pink suite 1








I want to know your thoughts on this suite for the honeymoon 😉 Is it too pink, too girlie, just right, sexy or not…anything?

Tomorrow: Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette EXTASE PINKS: Review & Swatches



I love green inspiration

Although I like walking barefoot – not only in Summer on the beach at sunset with a long dress down to the feet or with simple denim shorts. Although I always do my warming up dancing without socks. It gives me a real sense of freedom and makes me feel the true contact between the body and the surrounding space. Although I truly believe that “less is more”…. I can’t stop collecting socks. There are those I wear when I get back home and it is suddenly relax and vanilla infusion. Those I wear matching with a long knit and biker boots. The black ones – embroidered or lace – suitable for a mini black dress, but especially suitable for shorts or mini leather skirts a little ‘rock and a little ‘cat woman’. But in Winter more than ever I like overlaying several layers with different textures and consistencies. An…

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Sexy Sundays

A pretty Dutch model, Saskia de Brauw, is the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Nothing unusual there. Except that it’s MENSWEAR we’re talking about… I have to admit I was puzzled for a second. And than lured… And now…I’m not sure if I’m secretly attracted or slightly appalled...

How do you feel about androgyny? Appealing or appalling?

xxx, snm

Sexy Sundays

Not the best song, not the best lyrics either but definitely a great sense of humour, though! Christina plays  a serial killer, killing men after having sex with them. What amuses me the most is the way the blood is shown – light blue, barbie pink or fuchsia confetti…pick your own! Needless to say, the sexy part is Xtina’s body – the black outfit is to die for!

So, what do you say, sexy or cheesy?