Lush hotels: Savoia Excelsior Palace (Trieste, Italy)

As the hotel’s website proudly says: “The Savoia Excelsior Palace is a luxury hotel of timeless charm that immediately evokes all the Mitteleuropean’s splendor. It is not a coincidence that, when it opened in 1911, it was billed as “the most important and luxurious hotel in the Austro-Hungarian Empire”.

More than a hundred years later, it is still a magnificent beauty, so much one can forgive a few little mishaps (room not ready on time, no chairs on the balcony…). The breakfast is probably one of the best we have ever had, definitely worth waiting for – since their restaurant is on the small side it gets quite crowded in the morning, hence the wait. Oh yes, I almost forgot – check the absolutely stunning library on the ground floor.

It’s no wonder we picked this hotel for our 5th wedding anniversary, it is one of those charming romantic places that are really worth every penny (or, in this case, 199 euros/night for a deluxe double room with balcony and breakfast). Booking on the hotel’s website is usually the best option especially if signing up for their “I am star” program as well (up to 30 per cent off).

TIP No1: For a bit more budget friendly meal head to Pizzeria Bianco, a few minutes walk from the hotel. Excellent pizzas and really big salads to balance it out 🙂



The Library 🙂



THE view!

What is your favourite hotel?



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