Clinique Smart Custom Repair Eye Treatment

I sometimes wonder about my friends’ sex lives. Kind of a child’s curiosity I’d say… Similarly I feel rather curious about other people’s beauty routines, especially those that are not so visible – meaning skin care products over makeup. I’m guilty of opening bathroom cabinets and taking a quick peek while feeling a bit ashamed. Still, I do it since I was a child, just about anywhere I go. Hopefully not many of my friends read this as I might become quite lonely! 😀  A question for my readers, do you ever do it?

Recently I realised that I haven’t changed my skin care routine for almost a decade, since I was living in a cloudy yet rather charming Windermere in the Lake District, England. Come to think about it, neither have I changed my partner and I’m very happy with it ;). Still, I’m not getting any younger and while still mostly wrinkle-free, certain tiny lines are getting more prominent in the eye area. That’s where Clinique comes in the picture!



Official info:

Our Smart Eye Treatment targets your concerns as needed, where needed. Smart Eye Treatment improves skin’s appearance; smooths wrinkles, evens skin tone, lifts and brightens.


SNM Verdict:

+ I tend to agree with the official info this time, if you need a good eye cream, this is it!

+ skin looks plumper, fine lines less visible

+ very light and non greasy

+ sinks right in as a perfect base for makeup

– amazingly, can not find any downsides 😉


Would I repurchase: YES!


Where/How much? I got a 5 ml sample (Ebay) for a fraction of the price as I like to try the product before buying full-sized/priced version. 15ml is 40 euros on allbeauty.


Overall rating: 5/5

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