Dry skin solution: A-derma Exomega

Do you know that feeling of dry, itchy skin after taking a shower on cold winter mornings? Yup, so do I. I’ve been investing in more or less expensive lotions for years, trying to avoid scratching myself like crazy for hours…until my baby had a similar problem, atopic eczema. Her pediatrician recommended A-derma Exomega and it worked like a charm instantly, for both of us. 😉 Yes, I’m already guilty of stealing my child’s cosmetics, and she is only 10 months old! 😀

So, what A-derma says:


EXOMEGA is the specialist for atopic and very dry skin and the first product range to profit from the soothing and immunoregulating qualities of Rhealba® Oat Plantlets. Its formulas also contain Filaxerine®, a complexe of active ingredients exclusive to the A-DERMA Laboratories, to restore the skin barrier.

What SMN says:

It does precisely what is claims in the official info above. And more! It saves time as you can skip applying lotion as its Cleansing oil doesn’t dry out the skin, not in the slightest. You might want to moisturize afterwards, especially if your skin is very dry. Emollient balm (or cream) is perfect for that purpose, even if you’re prone to acne – the tube is completely sterile.

aderma_visu_baume_emollient_0                                         exomega_huile_nettoyante_0

Highly recommended for everyone with eczema or dry skin, from newborns to adults!

Would I repurchase: YES!

Price: Balm/cream: 23.95 euros for 400ml (currently on sale for 17.95 on Lookfantastic – click to see the offer; btw I’m not affiliated with anyone, I just like getting discounts 😉 ). Cleansing oil is around 15 euros for 200 ml.

Drop me a line! ;)

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