Melvita Extraordinary Rose Water

And extraordinary it truly is!

Official info:

This skin prep lotion is not extraordinary for no reason… Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid from soya and Organic Glycerine to lock in moisture, you will love its unusual gel texture.

Rich in Rose Essential Water, this delicately scented formula combines the anti-aging and rejuvenating properties of Rose Floral Water with the firming properties of Marsh Clover. Marsh Clover or Water Clover is proven to firm the skin and improve the oval contour of the face.

Melvita Extraordinary Rose Water
Melvita Extraordinary Rose Water

I received a sample size of this in  Melvita store while purchasing one of  my staples, Rose Floral Water (which I use mostly  for Lebanese desserts :D).  I fell in love after the very first application… Extremely smooth gel-like texture (I wouldn’t describe it as ”water”!) which sinks in quickly leaving the softest skin ever! It contains Hyaluronic Acid that  makes those tiny wrinkles disappear by plumping the skin noticeably. I use it every morning after washing and toning and before moisturizing. If you’re like me and  happen to like the smell of roses, even better! 😉  When it comes to the brand, Melvita can be described as a less commercial and thus more affordable L’Occitane and definitely closer to pure organic cosmetics with all products meeting the criteria of the strict ECOCERT Ecological and Organic Cosmetics standards and of the Cosmébio label.

I’d say this would make for a high-quality first anti-aging serum for those 20-to -35-year-olds whose skin is in good condition per se.

It’s a real bargain at around 15€/25$/14 £ per 100 ml.

TIP:  Skip cotton pads and use your fingers for application instead – lightly massaging a few drops of Extraordinary Water into the face and neck area. Wait a few minutes and follow with your regular moisturizer.

Would I repurchase? Definitely.



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