Essence Fix & Matte Loose Powder

Remember the post on Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder where I mentioned a better AND cheaper dupe? Well, this is it – as you asked what the dupe was. 😉

There is quite a big difference between the two, however, one being loose powder and the other pressed.  Of course loose powder can get everywhere in your purse, so I’d use it as a stay-at-home powder.  A very good one, I must say. It’s white/transparent (don’t worry, you won’t look white no matter the skin tone!), mattifying, helps makeup look fresh for hours and is available for less than a fiver. I got it on the go when my usual Clinique wasn’t available and never regretted the purchase.

I’d highly recommend this when on a budget. 

Have you tried it? Anyone? 😉