Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

A true beauty classic.

A true multi-tasker, too:

  • soothes chapped lips
  • hydrates dry to very dry skin (elbows, feet, knees, even sore nipples!)
  • best cure for dry cuticles (leave overnight for visible results in the morning)
  • can be mixed with any lighter face cream to make it a bit richer (useful at times when your skin needs some extra pampering…)
  • helps with minor skin irritations
  • great sunburn relief
  • makes a great lip gloss (works as eye gloss as well as cheek gloss!)
  • comb a small amount through unruly brows to keep  them tamed
  • great for preventing blisters – just apply it on your feet to reduce friction (yes, it works!)
  • not too pricey – a little goes a long way

Would I repurchase? YES!

TIP:Keep a smaller tube in your purse.  All day, every day.