L’Oréal Professionnel Fiberceutic – hair botox?

Hair botox without the dreaded botulinum toxin, that is. In the past two years hair salons are advertising it like crazy. So what’s the hype really about? Of course, it has nothing to do with botox – it’s just a clever  pun.  It’s a fibre-filling deep conditioner really.  Pretty good one, though.  There are 3 products available:

1.) Hair filling serum (IN SALONS ONLY. And online, of course)  – in L’Oréal’s words:

Hair rehab starts here! FIBERCEUTIC is série expert’s first two-step fibre-filling in-salon treatment enriched with Intra-CylaneTM, a water-activated molecule that is able to deposit in the hair as evaporation takes place and it is designed to help reinforce the protective layer of hair. Followed by the special sealer, hair feels softer and looks revitalised.

fiberceutic serum

2.)  Fiberceutic Restorative Hair Sealing Treatment – (IN SALONS ONLY). The sealer is the second step of the process. It’s advertised as ”a weightless sealing treatment for hair. Enriched with Intra-Cylane, a water-activated molecule that sticks in hair when evaporation occurs.Seals hair cuticle while consolidating the protective layer of hair. Restores hair fiber without overloading it.Hair appears fuller, suppler, healthier & more lustrous.”

fiberceutic sealer

3.) Fiberceutic hair masque (for fine or thick hair):  ”This nourishing and replenishing masque, specifically designed for fine hair, helps prolong the effect of the FIBERCEUTIC fibre-filling service at home. Enriched with Intra-CylaneTM, the formula maintains fine hair’s natural volume and keeps it conditioned and supple between FIBERCEUTIC in salon treatments.”

fiberceutic masque


I have tried all three and fell in love with the mask.  The in-salon treatment (first two products) come at around 10 pounds; the effects are meant to last for a month.  I have done the treatment only once, to no visible improvement.  Therefore, I wasn’t really convinced to go back… Perhaps I should give it another go as the hair mask did a lot to help my poor hair recover from dying – in both senses of the word! My number one hair treatment for sure!

TIP:  Apply the hair mask on dry hair before shampooing and conditioning. For best results leave it in overnight and shampoo in the morning.
xx, snm