The one

No, this post doesn’t have anything to do with sex, pure Platonic love only…  ”The one” being your HG beauty product you would never cheat on – body, mind & soul. The one that you use to hide your age but it actually does a great job of revealing it better than your ID, as you remember exactly what the older version looked like years or even decades ago. The one you stock up on fearing it might be discontinued. The one you unquestionably grab at the local chemist although you have barely enough money to get through to the next paycheck, even if it means living on cheese on toast the whole week (no offence Brits, I love you nevertheless)! Well, let me introduce you to ”the one”:

L'Oréal Exfotonic Skin Revealing Exfoliator
L’Oréal Exfotonic Skin Revealing Exfoliator

I’ve been using it for nearly half of my life, so I remember it as a baby in a jar:

I believe it was first launched in the early 2000s.  The secret ingredient(s)? Combining chemistry with mechanics – it looks like this two are crucial for a satisfying sex life as well as a quality exfoliator!

L’Oréal Exfotonic Skin Revealing Exfoliator has all the benefits of a regular body scrub that  mechanically removes dead skin cells by rubbing  with the added benefit of AHA  which provides a light chemical peel, leaving you with super-soft, glowy skin.  It is by far the best scrub I’ve tried.


Girls, what is your beauty staple? ”The one”, anyone?