Joico K-pak Protect&Shine Serum vs L’OrĂ©al Professionnel Lumino Contrast serum

Recently I’ve been experimenting with hair serums – might do a blog giveaway soon as my bathroom is getting too small quickly, so look out for the giveaway đŸ˜‰

Back to hair serums – got this 2 online, both on sale at Cheapsmells.

JOICO K-pak Shine & Protect Serum  (for official information click HERE)

    1. nice packaging, decent price
    2. very sweet smell (fruity? can’t really put my finger on it!)
    3. somewhat thick, oily consistency, therefore a bit too heavy for fine hair like mine
    4. hair feels soft and nourished
    5. not much improvement in shine, I’m afraid!





L’OrĂ©al Professionnel Lumino Contrast serum  (for official info click HERE)

  1. cutest girlie design!
  2. smart close which prevents leakage
  3. fresh, barely-there smell
  4. truly lightweight yet very nourishing
  5. gives noticeable shine and softness



… and the winner is…L’OrĂ©al Professionnel Lumino Contrast!

TIP: Hair serums are best applied to wet, towel-dried hair, concentrating on the ends!