OPI A grape fit: Swatch

Favourite colour?  Purple.  Favourite nail varnish? OPI.

Combine the two together and this is what we get:

opi a grape fit
opi a grape fit

* 2 coats + top coat

Got it for around 10 € at Berlin airport. When it comes to nail polishes OPI is a true pro, lasts for ages.

TIP: to prolong any nail varnish clean your nails with an alcohol swab before painting them. It will remove any traces of grease that prevents nail polish from sticking properly to your nails. Alcohol might dry your nails out though, so skip this step if your nails are brittle or prone to chipping and cracking.

xxx, your snm

Gliss kur Wonder Serum

Apparently there are 4 different versions of this little miracle.  Not a big fan of Gliss Kur range, but  I can’t praise this enough – especially the one with Shea & Cashmere.

So, here they are:

Gliss kur wonder serum

So far I’ve tried Oil Nutritive, Total Repair and Shea Cashmere. My favourite? Defo Shea Casmere. Why? Great scent, lightweight but still softening and conditioning, making my slightly wavy hair almost curly. ..  A real bargain for under a fiver!

Oil nutritive felt too heavy on my fine, fairly damaged hair.  Plus, the smell was a tad too much…

Total repair made my hair a bit dry and unmanageable. ..  I’m sticking with Shea Cashmere!

WOULD I REPURCHASE? Yes – but only Shea Cashmere.

p.s. Please bear in mind that I have no other means of trying this hair products (amongst all the other) anywhere but on my own hair  – which is FINE, POROUS, ANNOYINGLY WAVY, MID-LENGTH & STRAWBERRY BLONDE, so take it into consideration when deciding if it might work for your hair type 😉


xxx, your sexnmakeup



Deep cleansing shampoo

Just a quick Sunday tip – instead of splurging on (often) unnecessary deep cleansing shampoo you can mix one tbs of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with your regular shampoo and – voila – deeply cleaned, shiny hair!

1.) mix 1 tbs of baking soda into your regular shampoo (on your palm)

2.) shampoo your hair, concentrating on the ends and length

3.) rinse and shampoo one more time (without baking soda this time)

4.) rinse well, using deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask afterwards

5.) finish rinsing with cold water to make it super-shiny!

TIP: Depending on your hair type and the product build-up, use baking soda to deep cleanse your hair once every 2 – 4 weeks.

Love, sexnmakeup (or just makeup as it’s turning out!)

Strawberry Fraud?

So, a pretty unfortunate incident yesterday :/ I have been purchasing from www.strawberrynet.com  for some time now and have always been more than happy with their service. Well, until yesterday when my card was used for no less than 9 times in a row, emptying a total of 264 $ from my bank account. Thankfully the bank offers a service of sending an SMS for every transaction made so I noticed soon enough to contact the bank, block transactions altogether and stop whomever it was from emptying my account completely. Needless to say, I paid via PayPal which confuses me even more…

After contacting both Strawberry and PayPal I’ve been informed there has certainly been a misuse of my details (yup, guys, kinda figured that myself!) but there is only so much they can do. Which is – pretty much nothing. The bank has been very helpful though in tracking the transactions to www.strawberrynet.com and filing a chargeback so I’m expecting them to reverse the charges.

Has anyone had similar experience with Strawberry? If not, learn from my misfortune and be careful!!! The best bet is to use a debit card with the exact amount of money you plan to spend each time…

Take care, xxx