Eyebrow threading

If you feel unhappy with the shape of your eyebrows consider eyebrow threading. Hence the name a thin cotton thread is used to pluck hairs at the follicle level. The technique itself originated in the Middle East. Very fast as it removes entire rows of hair (the whole treatment shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes), extremely neat and painless.

The touch-ups are required every 1-3 months, depending on how fast your hair grows…

Pretty cheap too, as no material apart from the thread is needed.

What’s not to love?


P.S. Has anyone tried it? Opinions? 😉

Chanel Le Vernis 535 MAY swatch

Got this as a birthday gift and I absolutely adore it! Proper girlie Barbie pink that lasts for 5 days with a good top coat.

I apologize for the photos – it was my first time trying to take close ups of my nails and I’m obviously no professional 😉

Chanel Le Vernis May 535 swatch

Chanel Le Vernis May 535 swatch

I have two coats + Sally Hansen top coat on. 🙂

ENJOY, xxx

Cheap solution to cellulite reduction…

a very short one today…As I have received some questions about my previous post on L’Occitane and cheaper yet effective solutions to cellulite, here is one great dupe: EVELINE! Great, affordable cellulite fighters!



cca 70 pounds (Firming massager included)

EVELINE   products = 5.31 – 12.49 pounds

Have you tried these? Any thoughts?


A cellulite cream that really works

It doesn’t erase it. No cream does. But it does work wonders to the extent any topically applied thing can. So, what’s so special about this one?
Well, for starters, it’s not one but two:

For official info click here:


For my opinion, read on…

I don’t know about resculpting but would agree on the firming part.  Smells fresh, feels fresh… been using it for 5 weeks –  once a day after showering. Great for massaging with L’Occitane‘s Firming Massager!

Unfortunately this almond beauty isn’t enough… For a serious attack on that ugly orange peel syndrome you’ll need one more pricey beauty:

What L’Occitane says:

Almond beautiful shape

Opinion of my unbiased bum and thighs:

This really works, especially used in combo with the aforementioned Shaping Delight and the Firming Massager.The key is to vigorously massage cellulite-prone areas twice a day for few minutes.

It might be used as an intensive treatment over a period of 4-6 weeks alternating between the 2 products, one in the morning and the other in the evening.  Yes, a rather pricey solution but at least it does what it claims.  Finally!

Worth repurchasing? HELL YEAH!

A question for ladies who stumble upon my blog:

What is your favourite anti-cellulite product?