Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Gentle Cream Cleanser review

An absolute must-have if you have dry or/and sensitive skin. Very gentle on the skin, yet removes makeup effectively. I’m on my 4th or 5th tube and I’m sold for life.

TIP:  Save a few quid and buy it online! My favourite retailer for Elizabeth Arden:  www.cheapsmells.com

Would I repurchase?  Absolutely. I stock up on this occasionally fearing they might discontinue it! 😉

What is your HG face wash? ❤

Being faithful,check! Staying faithful till death do us part?

Monogamy Wine
Image by lgsinden via Flickr

There is this coffee bar I really like. It feels like being in Paris without actually leaving the city… Priceless. Anyhow, I had two cups of coffee with two different girls at that place this week. Only two things were similar – I was sitting at the exact same spot and the topic of both conversations was faithfulness. Apart from that, these women couldn’t be more different – one is married for the second time with two children, prone to analyzing every single detail of her life and thus a bit depressed at times, while the other is single,  intuitive and pretty optimistic.  And somehow we ended up talking about faithfulness as this two seemingly unrelated women had the same thing on their minds… I just went along as I normally always  do when it comes to talking about sex-related stuff.

It seems some women have a problem with staying faithful while others have a problem with men they want for themselves staying  faithful to their partners…  True, monogamy dates back to the times when people married at 14 and died at 35,  if they were lucky. Not exactly a gold marriage anniversary in sight. What the heck, not even a silver one!

So, what’s with all the cheating and the games people play? Is it truly only about sex? I seriously doubt it, even men are not that simple ;D.   Although the word I used here the most seems to be number 2, how come so many people are not satisfied with the two they’ve got? Do they get bored or did they choose the wrong partner in the first place?  Do they need that addictive  hormonal rush people get from a new crush? I get that from every new Lancôme or Dior jar, so I can understand that. I could never commit to one face cream. Luckily I’ll never have to marry one either or I’d be one seriously promiscuous bitch.

What do you think, does the grass really look greener on the other side? Human nature or media nurture?

Beauty tips I wish I knew 10 years ago – part 2 (eyes)

I’ve been reading Gray’s anatomy (the book, not the series :D) for my studies for the past couple of hours so escaping into beauty feels like that much needed mid-afternoon caffeine boost! So here goes a continued  list of my beauty tricks that save me from ending up with overdraft fees:


  • instead of curling my eyelashes by squeezing  Shu Uemura eyelash curler for half a minute, I found out I get much better results by squeezing 5 or 6 times for a couple of seconds! Alternatively, you can get your own heated curlers by heating them with a hairdryer for a few seconds to get a better, long-lasting curl. Be careful not to burn yourself – check the curler with your fingers first!
  • after a long day of wearing a lot of mascara my eyelashes deserve an overnight treat…putting a drop of castor oil on my fingers and gently rubbing it on my eyelashes  before applying eye cream does the trick! I started using castor oil after I clumsily pulled out quite a few eyelashes with the curlers (yup, bald spot, not pretty at all!), years ago… I remember being surprised how the castor oil really helped the regrowth. Highly recommended and very cheap!!!
  • one of the biggest makeup faux pas is applying eye pencil not close enough to the lashes, which looks rather cheap. You want the line to start in between eyelashes, so do it like a pro – instead of closing your eye while drawing a line keep your eyes opened and make dots with the eye pencil in between lashes and then connect the dots with a bolder line. Finish by filling in the line as close to the eyelash roots  as possible with a very thin, liquid liner (something cheap but long-lasting will do – I use S.he Quick eyestyler : http://www.s-he.at/en/products/eyes/)
  • finishing your eye makeup with a white liner on the inside rim of the lower eye will make your eyes look bigger and brighter! Especially useful after a long night 😉


Beauty tips I wish I knew 10 years ago!

Do you ever feel like your day is waaaayy too short? Or that your salary is waaaaayy too low given how much you work? Same here.  So here is a list of my favourite beauty tips & tricks that make my every day beauty routine a bit more hasslefree and my salary a bit more manageable 😀


  • keep your feet moisturized by applying your regular body lotion (I absolutely adore Nivea Q10 Firming Body lotion) to your feet and toenails every day – you will save a few quid on pedicures as the skin on your feet will stay soft even during winter. Key words: every day!
  • if your skin is not extremely sensitive, consider using an AHA based body exfoliator/ scrub every week (L’Oreal Exfotonic is my HG) – the effect is immediate.
  • the best way to prevent razor cuts and burns while shaving is to do it S-L-O-W-L-Y!


  • clean your nails with an alcohol wipe before applying nail polish – removing all traces of grease will help the polish last much longer!
  • to whiten your nails take two halves of a lemon, dig holes in them with your fingers and soak your nails in this fruit nail salad for 10 minutes 😉  Caution: don’t do it if you have any cuts on your fingers – it will sting!
  • nail polish can be cheap as long as you like the colour and you use a good top coat (my HG is Sally Hansen’s Dry & Go Protein Top Coat).  Frankly, I haven’t noticed much difference between Chanel and those cheap mini no name ones – they all last at least 5 days with Sally Hansen top coat on.


  • apply hair masks or treatments / oils before washing your hair and leave them on for as long as possible, but avoid the scalp! Continue with your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. This way you will get nourished but not weighed down hair.
  • if your scalp gets itchy only on certain parts consider the way you wash your hair – it might be the problem is only shampoo residue!  If you do it in the shower chances are your scalp gets itchy on the back as it’s harder to rinse that part of scalp thoroughly in that position, so pay attention to that – divide hair as to rinse the backside of your head properly. If you wash your hair upside down, pay attention to the front part which gets harder to rinse that way!
  • never apply conditioner to your scalp, it will only make your hair greasy sooner! Hair ends is where you need it the most.
  • always finish rinsing with the coldest water you feel comfortable with – the colder the water the shinier the hair! It’s an ancient trick that never gets old – cold water closes hair cuticles and thus makes your hair shiny.
  • always apply hair serum on towel-dried hair – this way, even if you use too much of it, your hair won’t look greasy.
  • if your hair gets greasy easily always use lukewarm water – hot water will only overstimulate sebaceous glands resulting in more oil production.  Moreover, be very gentle when washing and towel-drying your hair – oil glands will get turned on (no pun intended this time!) by too much rubbing, too! 😉

More simple beauty tips to cum in the next post…and then some sex, finally! ❤