Clarins Eye pencil (waterproof vs regular)

After a hard day of using my brain at work for no less then 10 hours I need my sedative to keep me balanced. Yes, you guessed, my diazepam is actually makeup. Sometimes a damn expensive one I must admit! 😉

I have green eyes and love brown eye pencils,  especially when I’m in a rush! My fav so far are Clarins, as they are of decent quality but rather affordable. I couldn’t decide between regular or waterproof version so I got them both.

Although their number is the same – 02, the waterproof version is as the name says – more bronze than proper brown. When compared, waterproof version does stay on longer and smudges less as expected, but when it comes to colour I prefer the regular version.  Some pros and cons:

CLARINS EYE PENCIL 02 BROWN                                                                                


  • nice true brown colour (esp for green eyes)
  • good staying power (12 hours or so)
  • glides on easily
  • felt tip for smudging
  • price 😉


  • smudges – especially in hot weather!
  • can break if not stored in refrigerator before sharpening



  • great staying power
  • price
  • doesn’t smudge
  • felt tip for smudging


  • doesn’t glide on easily – feels sort of rough on the lids!
  • can break if not stored in refrigerator before sharpening
  • bronze colour which might not suit everyone

Would I repurchase? Perhaps, especially if they make a hybrid of the two – the colour of the regular one with staying power of the waterproof version!

What’s fat got to do with it?

I’ve always been on the heavier side. Nothing extreme, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable in tight clothes. Fortunately, I also have these DD breasts to hide the rest of me with 😀 Bottom line – although I’ve been unhappy with my weight for years, I’ve never cared enough to try and drop some. Lazy? Perhaps.  Until I fell ill and lost around 15 kilograms (33 pounds) in a couple of months. Woah! I was full of energy, felt like I could walk, climb, run for hours! But only that – the sexy part of me seemed to have disappeared along with the excess weight! When I say sexy I mean confident, as that’s what being sexy is fundamentally about – being confident. Just think of Marilyn Monroe

The fact is, I have gained a few kilos back, but never my sexual confidence.  Guess some women are just meant to be big in order to be sexy! What do you think?

My top 5 beauty products

There is a handful of beauty staples I wouldn’t be caught naked without (on nudity some other time :P) :

1.) YSL touche eclat – a well-known HG product among beauty addicts, great for covering those nasty (or perhaps naughty?!) under-eye circles. Tip:  NEVER rub it, but tap it very lightly!

2.) CLINIQUE clarifying lotion – there are very mixed opinions on this one, people seem to either love it or hate it! I’ve been using number 2  for years now and would rather give up on chocolate than this little miracle! True, my skin probably is my best organ (no pun intended this time!), but this toner makes my skin flawless. I use it in the morning and evening, before moisturizing.  My skin used to get quite flaky, especially during winter, but since I’ve been using this that doesn’t happen at all.

3.) Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion – I’m yet to find a better moisturizing lotion than this one! Rich but not sticky, pleasant smell, does exactly what it says…for a decent price! Could go on for pages…

4.) Dior 5-colour Eyeshadow – the only eyeshadow that I came across so far (and there were quite a few, believe me!) that could be applied without a quality brush and still get a great blendability and colour pay-off, amazing. The one below is Pink Extase, 804. Might do some swatches soon!

5.) L’oreal Lash Architect Waterproof – The thing is,  I like my makeup glamorous, meaning I’d prefer Chanel or Dior over L’oreal. Yes, I am a makeup snob. But no matter which other mascara I occasionally stray to, I always come back home to this one! Unattractive blue packaging, true, but it does wonders to otherwise average lashes. Will post before/after pics so you can see for yourself.

What are your beauty HGs, ladies and gents? 😉

Sex or makeup?Both!

Nude Barbie dolls
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Hi! I’m a 29 year old girl who has been obsessed with makeup since…well, pretty much since I can remember (I recall being very disappointed with my Ken doll as he didn’t have enough makeup on!). My second obsession started showing at about the same time when I realized that Barbie and Ken didn’t look quite the same with their clothes off…

20-something years later, I’m a high school language teacher training to be a clinical sex therapist, having a hard time figuring out how to combine teaching, sex and makeup and NOT face certain legal consequences! It seems I have found it 🙂

Have fun ❤